We are a group of attorneys who have experience in dealing with a variety of medical and Medicaid-specific legal issues. State administered programs like Medicaid and other private medical programs for low-income individuals and families are a great way to reduce your financial load on medical expenses.

But the procedures involved in applying for one can be very confusing and time-consuming, not to forget that it can be extremely frustrating when you are in the middle of a medical emergency.

Additionally, there could be policies that you are not aware of which could provide you with more benefits or there could be revisions to existing policies. Time could be a deciding factor here and our attorneys can provide your with timely advice and help.

Elderly patients

Many elderly patients, especially those who require long term nursing care in a nursing home can benefit from us, as these claims undergo extra examination for potential fraudulent claims and need extra explanation for the expenses involved.

Elderly patients are also allowed assets only up to a permissible limit in order to be eligible for state healthcare programs. Though they can transfer assets to avail eligibility, this might risk them from getting nursing home care benefits.

Our attorneys can take the paper work and the effort required out of your hands and let you focus on your medical needs.

Denied services

Sometimes you could be denied of certain services, supplies or equipment for your medical treatment. Our attorneys who are well versed in medical rules and regulations and insurance law can help you in your suit against the medical care provider.

Medical care fraud penalties

In case you get arrested for a medical fraud, you could end up with imprisonment, a penalty, restitution or probation. One of our health care fraud attorneys can help you with high-quality representation and answer all your questions regarding medical care frauds.

Free consultation

For an attorney to help you, we need to first evaluate your situation and see if you have a viable case. To do this, we offer a free consultation with no commitments, which will involve understanding of your case to see if it is viable and explaining the laws involved. Your help is just a phone call away.